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Pilates Icon Pilates

Pilates is a form of exercise that focuses on generic cialis in shanghai core strength, muscular symmetry and joint range of motion. Pilates based movements are designed to strengthen muscles without adding bulk and to generic viagra rr improve the way your body functions, looks and feels. These exercises are so versatile they can be used whether you are recovering from an injury, you have muscular problems that need to be addressed or if you are a serious athlete looking to improve your performance.


PT IconPersonal Training

Experience top quality personal training in a private setting! We can help you whether you are recovering from an injury or suffer from a medical condition, want to boost your metabolism, or if you simply want to participate in an exercise program to promote a healthy lifestyle and look and feel better.


PR IconMedical Fitness

If you are recovering from an injury or suffering from a medical condition, we can help "bridge the gap" between healthcare and buying generic cialis fitness. You can feel completely comfortable training in a safe, private setting. We will work with your physician or physical therapist to design an exercise program to meet your individual needs.


GC Icon Group Classes

Group classes are an affordable way to exercise. We offer mat Pilates with small equipment, Pilates apparatus (reformer, tower, chair & barrels), Boot Camp, Strength Training Circuit, Yoga and Seniors' classes.


CE IconContinuing Education

Kim Cremin, MS teaches the certified Personal Trainer workshop through American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). ACSM is a leading fitness and clinical certification organization that is NCCA accredited and internationally recognized. If you are interested in registering or hosting an ACSM workshop please contact us for more information.